The mystical delicacy of the Far Eastern Hot Pot and Mongolian style BBQ

Don’t let the title fool you, as this month we are thrilled to share the most exciting news about a favourite pastime on Kuramathi; dining! Set in an intimate and enclosed space featuring urban tribal art just beside Inguru restaurant in the Thundi area, a new avenue opens up for eager guests who love the idea of an epicurean meal served fresh and hot.

The concept of the restaurant is loosely termed as a fun restaurant that incorporates the element of a community-style dining experience with family and friends. It introduces tables with an integrated ‘hot pot’ mechanism designed to create a unique and novel group dining experience. This will mark a first for Kuramathi Maldives, and the idea is inspired upon by none other than the Mongolian tribes and their traditions of cooking meat and vegetables over a fiery camp fire. It has now reached the shores of this island to tantalize the taste buds of eager palates.

Choose from the 3 packages on offer, seafood, meat and a nifty ‘surf and turf’ combo.

The mystical delicacy of the Far Eastern Hot Pot and Mongolian style BBQ, Kuramathi Island ResortA typical dining experience for someone that might opt for the seafood would be as follows. Begin with a simple choice of base; whether it’s flavourful Thai tom yam, chicken clear soup or a Classic Chinese hot pot soup.

Next, you decide how you wish to cook your pick of fresh ingredients (that include peeled shrimp tail, Reef Fish Fillet sliced, New Zealand half mussel, squid, shrimp meatball, rice vermicelli, Chinese cabbage, green cabbage, carrot, baby corn, white radish, celery stick, spring onion, assorted Asian mushrooms, Chinese hot pot sauce, Coconut Lime Dip, Thai sukiyaki sauce & steamed Jasmine rice) in either a traditional Chinese hot pot, or as a Mongolian sizzling BBQ. Waiters/waitresses assist you, to further fulfil and complete this amazing experience.

Yes, indeed it is a feast to behold, so make haste to reserve this vivid gastronomic voyage!