Mega Maldives Airlines expands India connections

George Weinmann, CEO of Mega Maldives Airlines started in 2010, said in Delhi on November 24 that Mega connections from Malé to connect with seaplanes were very convenient.

Mega Maldives Airlines, which has just linked Delhi with Malé by direct flights, has ambitious expansion plans to connect more Indian cities with the Maldives capital.

As it is, more and more Indians were going to Malé, and now with this direct Delhi-Malé connection, the tempo will increase, he said.

He revealed that contrary to the impression among some, Maldives was not short on accommodation, and more resorts are coming up, adding to the existing over 110.

South India has been better connected with Maldives, and now north India links will also improve.

About Mega Maldives Airlines

Founded in 2009, Mega is a US-Maldives joint venture that combines the deep experience of airline professionals from around the world with a unique Maldivian service to give you a fun and fantastic journey.

Since opening the airline’s first routes in 2010, Mega Maldives has now become the fourth largest international airline to the Maldives. Almost 10% all of the tourists now arrived the Maldives on Mega. In 2014, we flew more passengers to the Maldives than Qatar Airways, Malaysian Airlines, and Island Aviation. We are also the market leader flying between China and the Maldives. We pioneered direct services to China and now fly to 5 destinations in China. 30% of the over 300,000 Chinese passengers to the Maldives flew on Mega Maldives Airlines – more than any other airline, either direct or indirect.

MEGA Maldives Airlines currently operates a fleet of five (5) aircraft: four (4) wide-body Boeing 767-300ER aircraft and one (1) Boeing 757-200ERW. Two of the airline’s 767s are configured with 300 seats (12 Business and 188 Economy Class) and the remaining two are with 250 seats (12 Business, 42 Premium, and 196 Economy Class). MEGA Maldives’ Boeing 757 is configured with 205 premium and standard economy seats, all designed for medium to long-haul routes. The airline’s fleet are maintained by a highly skilled technical operations team with many years of experience at some of the world’s best airlines. They are supported by maintenance facilities operated either by Boeing directly, or those that have major airlines such as Air China and China Southern on their client list.