Behind the scenes with the bakery and pastry team of Kuramathi Maldives

With a total of 13 restaurants nestled on a 1.8km island, Kuramathi Maldives is renowned for variety in cuisine, especially with a value added All Inclusive plans. Catering mostly to guests from around the world, Kuramathi has created unique dining experiences with seasonal promotions at the different à la carte restaurants. And with this new year, the resort has plans to introduce new flavourful chapters for eager food aficionados.

This month, we would like to highlight the success story of a closely knit team that provides fresh, homemade bread to our belt of restaurants. Early risers would get a whiff of the desirable scent trailed by hot bread and warm croissants created fresh by our dedicated bakery team. Their relentless work ethic has paved way to introduce a robust choice ranging from the classic French baguette to different Italian ciabatta and German breads such as black forest, pumpernickel to the signature styled purple sweet corn and cranberry bread; the brainchild of our French chefs.

It is no doubt that in today’s world, the French baguette is a quintessential food item of France. Like wine, beret or cheese, it has become a symbol. The crust of the baguettes is crispy and golden brown, while on the inside, soft, chewy and honeycombed. We are proud to feature the same consistency in the French baguettes served on Kuramathi; a somewhat remarkable piece of France on a tropical island.

Kuramathi is one of the first resorts to open in the Maldives and is part of Universal Resorts of Universal Enterprises Private Ltd, a 100% Maldivian owned company, and the pioneers of tourism in the Maldives.

An emerald jewel in the turquoise Maldivian waters, Kuramathi is a stunning island retreat with acres of luxuriant vegetation surrounded by spectacular beaches tapering into an endless sandbank. Villas blend contemporary design and nature, and are set on the beach, amongst lush gardens or over water. Four poster beds, open-air bathrooms, rainfall showers or Jacuzzi, large outdoor decks with inviting daybeds or sun loungers, are just some of the creature-comforts enjoyed by our guests. Dining options are diverse with many restaurants, bars and great-value all inclusive packages, topped off with Maldivian service – welcoming, genuine and friendly.